sobota, 25 października 2014

I am a dreamer...

Love in silence

(Like always because only then love
is ending pacefully, finally becomes as
a memory, even if lasts forever)
The most painful moment is then
when someone whom you love said to you:
-You should stop love me
(because only then you will talk to stars
and you're free...)
Love in silence
(and never again show him your love...
because it will hurt him...)
So... what is love?
(it's a secret of your soul... and even 
your love is more safe when It's a secret)
So keep smile, be patient
and tell about your love only then
when all world give you a sign to do it
but even then you can lost self
Firstly love in silence
because you have time for the stars
and faith in this love
Love in silence
and talk to stars...

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